Bamboo is a rapidly growing natural renewable resource which grows to optimum hardness, and density is just 5 years, compared to hardwood forests of 60 years plus.  Used for flooring in China and Japan for many many years,  bamboo is becoming more popular all over the world and is in demand by more home owners and architects alike. It's natural beauty boasts a unique appearance that compliments all decors.


Airlay International's Bamboo Flooring is eco-friendly, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.  
Our supplier is a current holder of CE Certificate ISO9001 in quality management, and is a ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified company.  


Airlay offers a 14mm solid strand woven bamboo and is manufactured using the Cold Press method.  
Cold Pressed bamboo has a longer baking time, resulting in greater uniformity in density, colour and moisture content.  

Matching scotia and stair nosings for all colours in the Bamboo Range are available.


Specifications are subject to and may change without notice. Colour variation may occur between sample and production due to dye lot tolerances.

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